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Under pressure

      The rules of conduct have become the subject of heated arguments between different age groups. For instance, the "digital" generation has been criticized for its use of gadgets in public which is viewed as offensive by the older people while considered the core of their essence by the young people. Although it wouldn't be fair to paint all the older people with one brush, because more and more seniors have been joining the "silver surfers", which gives us all hope that the agreement can be achieved should the generations stay open-minded and meet half-way.
      On top of enforcing rules of conduct on generations, the society seems to require submission to its norms from its individual members as well. However, submission stands in the way of progress and no innovation would have been possible had its inventor stayed within the normal, the expected, and the acceptable. As well as innovators, every person needs to realize and accept his own individuality to become accomplished and content in his private and professional life. What could have come of the world had the society oppressed all the signs of individuality is well described in the famous "1984" by G. Orwell and we all agree that this is not the kind of world we want to live in.
      All in all, we have come to the point when social norms need to be patiently worked on and adjusted with all due respect to the older generation in accordance with what's essential for the younger one in order to allow more freedom to generational and personal individuality. Hopefully it will help to create a peaceful society where every member is viewed as and is a happy individual.

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