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To change or not to change?

      The teenage suicidal rate in the world has dramatically increased in the past few years. Psychologists report that the main cause is feeling different and being rejected by the society due to that. This unhappiness and inability to conform to society's norms is familiar to many adults, common for many teenagers and typical of the whole so-called "digital" generation. So should they try to fit in in order to prevent the conflict in the society or does the society have to adapt?
      It is a well-known fact that everything new and different makes us ill at ease, which is only natural, for we are creatures of habit. Back from when we were savages and lived in caves, we avoided new because every change, like a new smell or sound were a threat to our well-being. Day after day through many centuries we fought the scary enemy named "Different" because it would bring the unknown with it and make us step out of our comfort zone. For the sake of stability we burnt Copernicus, got rid of "witches" healing people and fought to death to preserve women's dignity and not let them "demean" themselves with work and elections.
      However, from that same pre-historic time changes were a key to our survival. We learnt to use our thumbs to take a stick and make it into a tool and a weapon which inescapably lead to improving our way of life. We studied anatomy and found ways to heal people. We invented radio, phone, TV to improve informational exchange. And the culminating point of these changes was achieved with the invention of internet. With it the world has shrunk and broadened, for it brought people closer than ever and removed all the borders, obstacles and limits for curious minds.
      To sum it up, looking back on the thousands of years of changes makes it obvious, that Change is the engine of historical development while Being Different is the key in the ignition. And no matter how conformists feel about it, they are the ones bound to adjust, for Change is inevitable.

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