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The Count Of Monte Cristo

The Story Of Faria (The Count of Monte Cristo).

By Svetlana Shevchenko, April 2016.


During his imprisonment, Edmond met prisoner number 27. His name was Faria. Later he played a big role in the life of Edmond.
He was a small man, and his hair was white. His eyes were dark, and he had a long beard. He was not strong.
Faria arrived at Chateau d'If in 1811. The year before he was in prison Fenestrelle for  three years. Faria wanted to make Italy a great country under one great king, but his chosen king tried to destroy it .
Faria and Edmond quickly became friends. Faria was smart and wise and so he taught Edmond history, and English. Also, he taught Edmond to make the tools. So passed their time. But one day, when Faria was in the room of Edmond, he suddenly became ill.  Faria had a terrible disease. He was sick before he came to prison. Edmond helped him. He went for a medicine and nursed him. Later, in gratitude for the help, Faria told Edmond the story of the treasure.
Faria was a friend and helper of Prince Spada. Spada told him about another Spada; this man lived - and died — at the time of Cesare Borgia. Cesare Borgia wanted to take money from the old Spada. He killed the old Spada. But the old man was smarter and hid his wealth.
Faria helped the young Prince to seek the treasure. Soon the Prince died and left Faria all the papers. There he found the letter about the treasure. But the government was afraid of Faria and when he was on board the ship the soldiers took him as prisoner.
The old man knew that soon he would die and shared the letter with Edmond. Then he died. This death helped Edmond to escape and find the treasure.

I don't think Faria is a very positive hero, but he was smart and helped Edmond.


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