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Space exploration

Triumphant and considerable as it may seem, space exploration is a subject of  heated arguments due to its apparently contradictory nature. Below we will disclose the views of the two opposing parties.

The proponents justify space exploration as a hope of a future home for humanity in the light of steeply increasing world population along with rapidly dwindling natural resources. Personally, I agree with such view with all my heart. They also emphasize the undeniable benefits like scientific inventions and engineering innovations, which have ensued from the space studies.  Moreover, little do people realize, that a vast amount of our "can't-live-without" equipment like GPS navigation and mobile phones, let alone recent revolutionary surgical technologies, is a by-product of space-exploration process.

The opponents claim space-related research to be far too costly of an endeavor. The argument, that billions of dollars invested in the process, be that private or government-provided funding, could have fed, treated and educated millions of people currently in need, inevitably disarms any sensible adversary. Furthermore, it is the space exploration that has been one of the major tools in the political games since its very outset. In addition, if used malevolently, e.g. for international spying and authorized yet violative domestic surveillance, it remains a major threat of not only conflicts and rivalries, but possibly wars.

As they say, there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Thus, I assume, the humanity has no better way but to strive to piece the genuine care for the hungry and needy together with the sensible investment into the space exploration, which will ultimately allow us to survive as a species and hopefully to thrive as an intelligent race. 

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