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Much Ado About Food


"Healthy food for a healthy mood", "Eat healthy, live longer", Eat right, be bright"... You can probably come up with quite a few healthy eating slogans yourself, because they are everywhere.  Inescapably persistent and annoyingly plausible, they are making your head spin and setting your teeth on edge. Frustrating as they are, you can't deny them being extremely important. So, spare me from beating a dead horse. Better yet, I suggest we imagine for a second we lived the life of blissful ignorance.

Every day we would dine like kings, devouring the heavenly fleshy hamburgers and briny mouth-watering french fries. Every night we would feast on exquisitely palatable peanut-butter cookies followed with tender chocolate donuts and top them off with luscious fudgy brownies.

Day after day we would celebrate the beauty of flavor until one day we experience a light nausea. Or dizziness. Or fatigue. Or maybe a simple headache followed by a heartburn. Or all of them. And not until a visit to a doctor would we make a connection between our delightful banquets and the unpleasant symptoms. So, would you catch a healthy-eating bug at that point or would you continue the lovely yet harmful feasts? Before you say "continue", check out this list of diseases associated with unhealthy eating: eczema, obesity, asthma, dermatitis, diabetes, stroke, and to crown it all, cancer.

"Argh, another annoying preachy healthy-eating-freak", you would say, and at the end of the day, that's what I am. Don't take me wrong, just like you, I love the taste of rich artificially flavored and colored food, full of preservatives and other additives, not at the cost of my health, though.

So, if you are on board with us, health-driven freaks, all you need to do is follow a few simple rules. Stay away from processed food, avoid sugar-based meals, stick with food, the contents section of which is no longer than a couple of lines. Stay well and may the power of knowledge be with you. 

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