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Into The Twilight


        Never did I understand the odd appeal and huge popularity of "vampire" stories, until "Twilight" happened to me. The well-known Twilight Saga can be watched/read/or both, which was the case with me. Repeatedly.

        The story unfolds in a quiet little present-day American town of Forks, where along with a high-school newcomer Bella Swan we learn about vampires, living undercover among us, and predictably fall in love with one of them. Is there any future together for creatures with such profoundly different backgrounds or is this love hopeless?

        The premise of the story originated with Stephenie Meyer, who presented it as a series of four books. She later re-wrote it into a film script, which, although departing slightly from the book, made a tremendously successful film. If you ask me, the film couldn't but succeed, considering the combination of a romantic story with brilliant cinematography along with incredible post-production and undeniably flawless director's work.

        Both the book and the film were well-received by the critics and became a few awards recipients. Nevertheless, there was some criticism of the cast in that the leading actors performing Bella and Edward could have been more emotional/ attractive/ convincing/ happy/ and what not. Frankly, I can see the grounds for this criticism, but I lean towards the "tastes differ" attitude.

        Overall, the Twilight Saga is a pleasant read or watch, and a good choice if you are picking a film for a romantic evening with your girlfriend. However, the world will not come to an end should you decide to devote your time to a different story instead.


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