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Heads and Tails

        Who hasn't seen "Heads and Tails" - one of the top-ranked TV travel programmes in Russia? Should you be 9 or 99, you can't resist the temptation of watching its every episode. The destinations featured are so various and unconventional, that no matter how much of a seasoned traveller you are, you will always discover a few useful tips or "off-the-beaten-track" ideas.

        One of the latest episodes was exceptionally captivating for me. It centered around Arizona, USA, which, having seen with my own eyes, I didn't expect to discover much new about. However, the programme seemed to have shown a different Arizona from the one I had been to. Along with the dreadful Arizona desert, the gorgeous red rocks and other expected features that Arizona is renowned for, this episode curiously portrayed local representatives.

        So, in line with the programme's concept, one of the two hosts got to enjoy Arizona in the lap of luxury, while the other one had to get by on a shoestring budget of $100 and still spot the most intriguing sights. This programme's "lucky dog" with a $100 coped by borrowing a barely running ancient car from a local cafe-owner. And it was the deal they came up with that struck me as eye-opening on what I felt but couldn't put my finger on before. To get his desirable two-days' car loan the host had to buckle down and work his tail off in the cafe's kitchen. This seemingly insignificant episode is indicative of Americans' worldview, revealing the essence of the "American dream", to achieve which you have to work hard.

        As of now, this highly entertaining as well as thought-provoking programme has featured hundreds of authentic destinations and, although some believe that TV travel programmes "cultivate" couch potatoes, my opinion is that they inevitably broaden every viewer's horizons, as they provide a truthful insight into a country's culture, customs and lifestyle. Thus, should you have a slightest interest in these things, you will undoubtedly enjoy every episode of "Heads and Tails".

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