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Globalisation - good news or bad?


On a tourist trip overseas, have you ever had this feeling of being home? When you turn your head and see all the familiar stores and fast food outlets? When in every kiosk homey-looking cans of Coke smile at you like  an old friend? Then you have seen the globalisation in action.


It is a common belief that globalisation is more malicious than innocuous and opponents keep issuing their doom and gloom statements sending us dire warnings about fast food chains invasion, language extinction and culture assimilation. And at the end of the day, you can't deny these drawbacks. What sane person would want the language of his ancestors as well as his own to cease to exist? Or his traditional folk songs and dancing to sink into oblivion?


However, leaving all the incontrovertible vices of globalisation aside, don't you want to be a part of a bigger better world? There is no denying the fact, that despite all its pitfalls, globalisation also offers immeasurable  benefits, dissemination of news worldwide being number one among them. And this is a burning issue for people who live in a country notorious for its attempts to maintain a regime of misinformation. In such countries the internet, the driving force of globalisation, is a last resort and hope of oppressed and discriminated groups of people.


All things considered, you have to admit, that there are drawbacks as well as benefits to globalisation. You can support or resent it, but one thing is certain - globalisation exemplifies the natural order of things, like evolution, and you will have to like it or lump it, since it is irreversible.

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