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Dr House Vs Grey's Anatomy

        Fascinating, captivating, puzzling, full of intrigues as well as insightful information, medical dramas undoubtedly win the hearts and minds of the TV audience in that their viewership varies from 8 to 25 million people per episode. What is the explanation for their incredible popularity? Some critics believe that the key is the increasing body care concern in the society. Could be so, but I personally find it stupefying and simply mind-blowing to see doctors discussing their personal issues like boyfriends and children over an open patient while performing, let us say, a cardio surgery.

        Two top-ranked medical dramas nowadays are "House M.D." and "Grey's Anatomy", both of which I am a happy viewer of. Both long-runners (8 and 12 seasons accordingly) and multiple awards winners, they successfully co-existed on American TV from 2005 to 2012. How did it happen? What is the secret of this miraculously non-competitive, almost friendly co-existence? Let us see into it.

        The plot of "House M.D." centers around unsolvable medical mysteries, solved by an extravagant genius figure of Dr. Gregory House, whose prototype is believed to be Conan Doyle's legendary Sherlock Holmes. Dr. House has surprisingly a lot in common with the latter, first off, his deductive ways of solving medical problems and  his profound indifference towards his patients, let alone his musical talents and drug abuse. Consequently, every episode is an investigation and revelation of another patient's lies and finding actual causes of another hard-to-diagnose rare malady. Honestly, the main character's bluntness is quite annoying at times, nevertheless, "House M.D." is hard to resist.

        In contrast with indifferent Dr. House, "Grey's Anatomy" focuses on passionate medical interns, mainly women, growing into caring residents and attending doctors in the 12 seasons that we follow them.

Interestingly, the producers of "Grey's Anatomy" used a so-called "colour-blind" casting technique without characters' races or looks being pre-determined, which resulted in a great racial diversity allowing viewers of all races to connect with the characters easily. The series actually covers all possible discriminated minorities and brings up a range of hot topics, personal issues and relationships, and, for that reason, appeals to everybody.

        Presumably so similar, yet so different, both TV series explain plenty of medical mysteries and increase general health awareness. However, both have been heavily criticized for medical reality distortion and some treating misconceptions that they are grounds for. Undoubtedly, there is good and bad in any medical drama, just as there is in pretty much anything around us, and no matter what opinion you support, you will be undeniably entertained should you decide to watch whichever of the two series.

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