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Bed Of Roses


       209 books, 25 languages, 35 years of writing experience, 861 weeks in the New York Times Best Seller List, and finally, author #1 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Impressive? This is all about one and only romance writer Nora Roberts. According to some of the many praising reviews, everything she writes turns to gold, because she is an author of extraordinary power, whose stories have fueled the dreams of 25 million readers, me being included.

       Today I will tell you about the book by Nora Roberts I am currently enjoying. The title is "Bed Of Roses" and it is the 2nd book in the series of 4. The story is set in present-day USA and the main characters are 4 young women whose childhood favorite dress-up wedding game naturally evolved into a wedding-planning business. All 4 - a gifted photographer, an outstanding organizer, a superb dessert-chef and a dreamy florist - have reached perfection in their own area of expertise but remained single. Apparently, each of the 4 books shows a unique story of finding true love by one of the 4 friends.

       The title of my current book "Bed Of Roses" refers to the dreamy nature of the main character, Emma, as well as her occupation, florist. Emma is an attractive young woman, popular, but delicate, very considerate of other people's feelings. She is in love with what she does just as much as she is with her "knight in shining armor", who happens to be a long and well known friend, with tight, almost brotherly bonds with her other girlfriends. Will Emma be able to overcome the difficulty of bringing their friendly relationship on a different level and reach their "happy ever after" or will her true love continue to view her as a friend rather than a soul mate?

       Some people may say that the answer is obvious and so is the plot, but we will kindly refer them to a different genre, because romance is all about contemplating dreams and hopes with a happy ending on the horizon. And undoubtedly, Nora Roberts is a true expert in depicting this captivating process. She skillfully creates the atmosphere of life as it should be, where friends are loyal, work is rewarding, problems get solved and everyone has his share of happiness. Therefore, unless you have some time to spare, be careful starting this book because you are likely to get well and truly hooked and unable to stop reading until the very last page of it. All in all, should your life lack some simplicity, fairness, or love and excitement, you are sure to find them in the "Bed of Roses", or, for that mater, in any other book by Nora Roberts.

       Furthermore, the language of the book is very vivid and precise. The author uses a wide range of stylistic devices and a lot of descriptive language, including less common vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, the book will be a good choice for advanced learners of English willing to improve their language while having a pleasant time. 

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