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Alarm bells for Music

         These days we are being unceasingly exposed to music. For some it is a meaningless background to shopping, while for others it is more of a "soundtrack" of their life, its significant component.

         Surprisingly, there is a tendency to diminish the importance of music. Often extraordinary gift of professional musicians is neither appreciated by the public nor financially supported by the authorities which inevitably compels the artists to leave musical career. I am of the mind that had the governments provided more funding to the talented musicians the world would undoubtedly have discovered another Mozart or two by now.

         A big concern related to this issue centers around music losing its relevance at schools and being replaced by "core" subjects despite its beneficial influence on the young learners, which has been proved by research. There is no denying that studying music at school develops authentic creativity and ability to cooperate with peers, which eventually brings worthy results, let alone visible achievements like sparkling in school performances, well attended by proud despite their unwillingness to invest into musical school supplies parents.

         If you ask me, for a better chance in future professional life every child deserves for their education to be based on a well-balanced combination of logic-forming subjects like mathematics and physics and creativity-inducing ones, music being number one among them.

         Personally I believe that the school as an institution and the society in general need to reconsider their short-sighted undermining approach to music as a subject and musicians as professionals and should start putting more effort into creating a comfortable environment for possible, promising, and skillful musicians. 

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