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30 seconds that changed my life


        Can you name a thing that costs thousands of dollars, lasts 30 seconds, can make you cry and laugh and drool and loose your common sense? Of course, it is a TV commercial - a major selling tool and a form of art combined.

        I remember the 30 seconds that put my world on pause and made my heart miss a beat. That TV commercial featured a young clumsy man completely oblivious of the fact that he had wings. It hurt to see this vulnerable impression on his face as he failed to do every normal thing he tried like catching a bus or getting a cat off a tree stumbling on somebody's baffled look every time. And it wasn't until he got to the top of the building and saw his own winged shadow that he realized he had wings and all he had to do was to spread them and fly.

        The idea behind the concept of the story addresses the basic humans' need for freedom and suggests it to the target audience that the advertised product, i.e. mobile internet, meets this need. Using only simple technical means, no special effects or jingle whatsoever, the producer places his bet on pulling at the viewers' heart strings and hits the jackpot. The brilliant director's work and the genuine acting along with the  impeccable close-ups and camera work in general all add up to the great dramatic effect, crowned with this perfect "Spread your wings!" tagline and the genius finishing frame, shot from above the amazed crowd pointing fingers to the flying man, who we only see a shadow of on the crowd's faces.

        Overall very impressively made this commercial does more than just sell, it alters the way we see the world and  inspires to spread your wings through the use of the mobile internet which makes this well-sellable product also very desirable.

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